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Icon Creation Checklist
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attention! note from the moderator...

this community is not, i repeat, not for icon requesting or resizing, etc. (if you need that service please go to iconrequests) this community is for the assistance in icon creation (i.e programs, tutorials, etc)...hence the name creaticon...and no advertising of your own communities/contests/whatever

any entries in this community that are off subject will be deleted without warning.

thank you.

This is the third component in the Icon Trilogy.

The first is originalicons, where talented artists and top icon creators showcase their works.

The second is iconrequests, where members can request or supply snazzy icons in an open forum.

In this episode you'll see tips, tricks, tutorials, concepts and examples for creating some of the icons you see in the other two communities.

Recommended software is Adobe Photoshop, however, the ideas for creativity know no platform or software.

Please feel free to ask questions and responses to the posts you find here. The more feedback that comes in, the better learning experience you will have.


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